Tuning In Options/Links

Here you will find various ways in which to Tune In to FunkURadio from your PC/laptop to your Smartphone, Smart TV & Tablet. The links are shown below.



Winamp, iTunes
Windows Media Player
Real Player

To Manually Tune in on your Smartphone/Tablet/Android Device:

Type this in as follows:
Or /stream2 for 96kbps
Or /stream3 for 64kbps
FUR FM FunkURadio on PlayStreamplayStream! For Android (Google Play Store)Another useful Player you can use on your Smartphone or Tablet is playStream! It also has a handy ‘Add Custom Stream’ feature so you can just enter your stations url/frequency and bingo-presto ur tuned in.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playstreamSimply download this app via your Smartphone or Tablet (if you can’t get the tunein app) and select the Add Custom station tab and type in the details as shown opposite!



Also available on SMART TV’s across the world !

For the TuneIN Radio App – You can either use this via your PC/Laptop or download the App onto your device via Google Play.  Here’s the link to lock in via your PC/Laptop.
For Apple iTunes one would either download the app form Apples App Store or one can install iTunes on their pc/Laptop. You will find FunkYouRadio under the ’80’s Flashback’ category.
iTunes Radio