Car Sticker Promotion

competition-timeIt’s been a long running staple of FunkURadio – Our famous Car sticker promotion !   As described during broadcast all you need to do is order a car sticker and display this on your car windows. (Front, Back or sides)

Then, take a quick snapsot and email it to us – That’s it ! You will then be placed into the hat, shaken about a bit with the other Funkers, and we will have a draw on a regular and ongoing basis.  Each time a name is drawn out then that person will receive one of our brilliant, valuable and sought after prizes. (See examples below).

Each car sticker purchased and displayed gets another entry into the FUR Tombola !   Having said that, please don’t do what one of our listeners did – he went a little bit overboard with the stickers   😉   (Entries limited)


Mr.Funkey’s Car ! (One of our Listeners)

FUR Car Promotion MrFunKey


Win Prize1 at FUR  Win Prize2 at FUR  Win PrizeTop at FUR


 To order your Car sticker /s  today – Click here

livepreview1      REDFUR_Car_StickerSML