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FunkURadio-On-the-Go FlyerWe have now registered FUR FM/ FunkURadio with a wide variety of Radio Directories and platforms !


Currently we have submitted, and been accepted, to those shown below. There is also an Android App you can download right now to listen to FunkURadio ‘on the go’ also listed below. This list is undergoing ongoing development as we broaden our reach!

We are now listed on  Apple iTunes  as well as the TuneIn  directory and listenable via the TuneIn App  on all Android devices, Tablets, Smartphones, iPads and other related devices/platforms. (See our blog)


. FunkURadio On TuneInAvailable on:



radioguidefm   Awaiting Confirmation!


We are now also listed with Apple iTunes on their platform under the ‘80s Flashback’ broadcast genre of the iTunes Internet Radio Directory  This is also a great development !

.iTunes Radio



funkuradio BANNER AD REV LIVE …and also Regionally and Locally across the airwaves courtesy of a third party company so do check to see if available in your region!





FUR FM FunkURadio on PlayStream
playStream! For Android (Google Play Store)

Another useful Player you can use on your Smartphone or Tablet is playStream! It also has a handy ‘Add Custom Stream’ feature so you can just enter your stations url/frequency and bingo-presto ur tuned in.

Simply download this app via your Smartphone or Tablet (if you can’t get the tunein app) and select the Add Custom station tab and type in the details as shown opposite! 





125x125ad            Streema Radio Player Widget (An alternative for your PC)





internet-radio-badge        Internet-Radio (Awaiting Approval) .

Internet Radio


radioguidefm     Awaiting Listing confirmation


vtuner   Awaiting Listing Confirmation


download (1)


PC Radio  – Confirmed live!



bowledover (1)